Lose weight while keeping your wallet fat at CycleBar

Staying in shape can be a drag and very expensive, but that’s about to change. Deco found a spot where you can get your waistline thin — but you wallet will stay fat.

Fitness and fun aren’t usually in the same sentence — until now.

CycleBar Doral wants you to have fun while you get fit.

Motty Klainbaum, franchise owner: “CycleBar Doral is a premium indoor cycling studio.”

This place is top notch.

Motty Klainbaum: “We are premium because we provide a bunch of amenities that other studios do not.”

And the best part about these amenities? They’re free.

Motty Klainbaum: “One of the things we offer is water bottles that all of our customers can take home with them.”

The freebies don’t stop there…

Motty Klainbaum: “Similar to a bowling alley, we provide all the shoes to our customers.”

Once you’ve got the gear — it’s time to hop on your bicycle.

All you pay for is the class.

Motty Klainbaum: “Our customers don’t need to bring anything other than themselves to CycleBar.”

And when you are done with your ride — stick around and socialize.

It’s complimentary too.

Motty Klainbaum: “In addition to our standard classes, we have fun activities where after we are done with class, we provide our customers with wine and cheese and crackers.”

Rebecca Espinosa, customer: “Sometimes going to work and coming afterwards is tedious but if you have something to look forward to, like wine, it’s always a good thing.”

Go for the Wine Down Wednesdays or check the schedule for the Beats and Brews Class, where you can grab a beer.

Motty Klainbaum: “The idea is to have a nice social time after a good sweat time inside the theater.”

Here — breaking a sweat won’t break the bank.

Motty Klainbaum: “We have fun. It’s not just about exercise, it’s about having fun on the bike.”


CycleBar Doral
3535 NW 83 Ave., Suite 113
Doral, FL 33122
(305) 928-7620

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