Most of us know South Florida’s hotspots: South Beach, Wynwood, Las Olas, but sometimes, you’ll find a good time off the beaten path. Miami’s Allapattah neighborhood is full of food, flowers and fabulous fashion, and the Alex Miranda is live with more.

Miami’s Allapattah neighborhood, just west of Wynwood, is getting hot!

Adrian Ricouz, Hometown BBQ: “You can do shopping. There’s great food in Allapattah. You just gotta know where to go.”

Like Hometown BBQ.

Adrian Ricouz: “People have actually stopped in. They say, ‘I didn’t even know it was a restaurant. I just smelled it and came around looking for it.'”

The Texas-style meat joint on Northwest 12th Avenue is even smokin’ the haters!

Adrian Ricouz: “They didn’t think that a BBQ restaurant could even be open in Miami.”

Two years later, wild success is the sweetest revenge!

Adrian Ricouz: “The favorite has to be the brisket. Our baby backs are to die for.”

Jacquees ordered the smoked wings and brisket queso.

Jacquees Steward, guest: “They were tender, perfectly seasoned. The queso was excellent. Cheese was to die for.”

… Before entering a food coma, which is not uncommon here.

Adrian Ricouz: “Barbecue, music, beer, it’s all come together. It’s like a nice trinity.”

Secret’s out: Berkeley Florist Supply, over on 23rd Street, isn’t just for florists!

Morey Moss, Berkeley Florist Supply: “We have large walk-in coolers which people love to come in and pick their own flowers.”

He ain’t dande-lying! The institution, which is the oldest and largest of its kind in South Florida…

Morey Moss: “We get fresh flowers almost daily from all over the world.”

… Sells your ultimate floral fantasies.

Morey Moss: “From Australia, from Africa, South America, Central America, growers in the United States and Holland.”

I just wet my plants. They have everything you need for an arrangement, too.

Morey Moss: “For containers, for ribbon, for wire, for tape.”

And when it comes to roses, they really rose to the occasion.

Morey Moss: “You used to have 10 varieties of roses. Now, we have 200 varieties of roses.”

It just might make your day-sy.

Morey Moss: “The main thing we do is make people happy.”

Feeling festive?

Jeanette Pressman, Boa Novelty Feather: “It’s a lot of fun. You should come, for sure. You’re going to love it.”

Boa Novelty Feather is bringing the party to 29th Street!

Juan Pablo Cabrera, Boa Novelty Feather: “We sell headpieces for Carnival, angel wings. Everything that has to do with feathers.”

Like these show-stopping dresses!

Juan Pablo Cabrera: “[They are] 100% handmade, made in the United States.”

Buy something from the shop, pick up feathers for your own design or Juan Pablo will custom-make your wildest dreams.

Juan Pablo Cabrera: “We really work with the feathers as an art.”

Like for Leona, who came all the way from the Virgin Islands.

Leona Warrell: “It’s exquisite. When I first came in here, I was just so amazed to see different cultures.”


Hometown BBQ
1200 NW 22nd St., #100
Miami, FL 33142

Berkeley Florist Supply
2360 NW 23rd St.
Miami, FL 33142

Boa Novelty Feather
1121 NW 29th St.
Miami, FL 33127

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