The Dolphins winning the Super Bowl in any of the last 18 seasons. Me dating a Victoria’s Secret Angel. These are all long shots. A new Seth Rogen comedy looks at another long shot, a presidential long shot. We caught up with him and castmate O’Shea Jackson Jr. on Miami Beach.

O’Shea Jackson Jr. (as Lance): “Charlotte Field, the most powerful woman on Earth, flirted with you tonight.”

Seth Rogen (as Fred Flarsky): “She actually seems to like me.”

“Long Shot” is about the unlikely romance between Charlize Theron, who is running for president, and Seth Rogen, the kid she used to baby-sit for. Simply put, the movie is…

O’Shea Jackson Jr. (as Lance): “It’s ‘Pretty Woman,’ but she’s Richard Gere and you’re Julia Roberts.”

O’Shea Jackson Jr. and Seth Rogen were in town and sat down with us.

Chris Van Vliet: “Welcome to Miami.”

Seth Rogen: “Bienvenidos a Miami.” (laughs) Will Smith really took ownership of that. Like, whenever someone welcomes me to Miami, I think of Will Smith, and he’s not even from Miami.”

Chris Van Vliet: “He is not from Miami.”

Seth plays a reporter who runs into Charlize’s character at a party, where they reconnect for the first time since childhood.

Charlize Theron (as Charlotte Field): “I can’t shake this feeling that we know each other.”

Seth Rogen (as Fred Flarsky): “We do.”

Charlize Theron (as Charlotte Field): “We do?”

Seth Rogen (as Fred Flarsky): “Picture me, I guess, maybe like 20 years younger, but like this.” (makes face)

Charlize Theron (as Charlotte Field): “Flarsky?”

Seth Rogen (as Fred Flarsky): “Yeah!”

Seth was recently fired from his job, and Charlize offers him a job as a speech writer.

Chris Van Vliet: “Seth, after playing a reporter in this movie, do you have a new respect for reporters?”

Seth Rogen: “Yes, very much so.”

OSshea Jackson Jr: “You used to disrespect them.”

Seth Rogen: “I take back everything I said. (laughs) I used have to have some real dark days. In the past, I said some regrettable things.”

Charlize Theron (as Charlotte Field): ‘It’s really nice to see you again.”

(Fred Flarsky falls down stairs.)

Nathan Morris (as himself): “Cracker down!”

Seth Rogen (as Fred Flarsky): “I’m OK. Did Boyz II Men just call me a cracker?”

Chris Van Vliet: “Since Boyz II Men is in the film, what is the best Boyz II Men song of all time?”

O’Shea Jackson Jr: “I mean, ‘End of the Road.’ I like ‘End of the Road,’ just because in college, me and my friends, after a nice party, we’re pretty hammered, and if you could get 17 or more people singing ‘End of the Road,’ it’s crazy.”

Seth Rogen (as Fred Flarsky): “What is your favorite book as a kid?”

Charlize Theron (as Charlotte Field): “‘The Velveteen Rabbit.'”

Seth Rogen (as Fred Flarsky): “Favorite song?”

Charlize Theron (as Charlotte Field): “‘Must Have Been Love’ by Roxette.”

Chris Van Vliet: “Favorite song?”

O’Shea Jackson Jr.: “Oh, let me get a…”

Chris Van Vliet: “You’re probably going to have to say an Ice Cube song.”

O’Shea Jackson Jr.: “I was going to think of someone, but ‘Check Yo Self’ by Ice Cube. (laughs) Going strong.”

Chris Van Vliet: “Has your father ever had a drink that has crushed ice in it?”

O’Shea Jackson Jr.: “For sure. First of all, crushed ice is good to chew. I know you’re not supposed to because it’s bad for your teeth, but I kill some crushed ice.”

“Long Shot” is counting on your vote in theaters across the nation.

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