Virtual reality is all the rage with gamers and tech fans. Now VR is making a splash in the world of cosmetic surgery. A brand-new tool is letting doctors and patients see what they’re going to look like before they go under the knife.

Virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift and Samsung VR are changing the world of entertainment. Now, that technology is making its way into the doctor’s office.

Daniel E. Careaga, M.D.: “Now I want you to put on the Oculus headgear, hold it over your eyes.”

Daniel E. Careaga, M.D.

Plastic surgeons are using VR to help patients see the results before they actually happen. Dr. Daniel Careaga of Miami is one of the first to offer this new reality.

Daniel E. Careaga, M.D.: “So it’s a way of taking a 3-D scan of the patient’s breasts and being able to manipulate them digitally to show her what the breasts will look like after surgery.”

Lynn Martinez: “So, if she says, ‘I don’t know anything about CCs. I just wanna be a little bigger, not too big,’ you can show her exactly what she’s going to look like, how many CCs.”

Daniel E. Careaga, M.D.: “Exactly.”

After the doctor scans the patient’s body, they’re able to see themselves in a 3-D dressing room.

Daniel E. Careaga, M.D.: “The patient puts on the Oculus headgear, and it’s as though they’ve walked into a changing room that has five mirrors around them.”

You can even look down at your new virtual breasts!

Daniel E. Careaga, M.D.: “To give you an idea, this is what it would be like with the small lift and a small implant, it’s 280CC round implant.”

Lynn Martinez: “Wow!”

Patient Gina Wright came in for a consultation, and she was amazed.

Lynn Martinez: “Does it sound like something you want to do?”

Gina Wright: “Absolutely.”

Lynn Martinez: “Now she’s hooked, ’cause once you see it, you see how you’re really going to look.”

Gina Wright: “Absolutely, and it’s looking at yourself, how you would look, other than just looking at pictures.”

Lynn Martinez: “This also works for not just breasts, but you can also use it for the whole body?”

Daniel E. Careaga, M.D.: “It also works for facial fillers. It works for liposuction and fat injections.”

So, if you’re considering a procedure, a virtual reality consultation could give you a new reality.

Lynn Martinez: “Wow, this is so cool! So much better than real life!”

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