Local filmmakers celebrate Project Greenlight web series winner ‘Grown’

South Florida is full of talent. I mean, look at Lynn and Shireen. A couple of filmmakers from the Magic City also made it big when they got the greenlight from two veteran Hollywood stars.

Edson Jean (as Wes): “Move in with me.”

Joshua Jean-Baptiste (as Josh): “What?”

Florida’s film and TV scene is growing thanks to a web series called “Grown.”

Edson Jean (as Wes): “You need to man up. You been staying with your mom for how long?”

“Grown” is a digital series on Complex.com, and was the brainchild of two South Florida actors.

Friday night, the cast, crew and friends celebrated the series at the Tower Theater in Little Havana.

Joshua Jean-Baptiste, co-creator: “‘Grown’ is the story of two Haitian-American men who are trying to figure out how just to be a man in the real Miami. We’re not on any yachts or anything. It’s not fancy. We are showing the real niche places in the city.”

The guys from “Grown” entered Project Greenlight, a contest for aspiring filmmakers sponsored by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.

They not only won big bucks to make their project — they also got great advice.

Edson Jean: “You get there, you sit there and you’re like, ‘Yo, that’s Batman.’ So, you have to settle in, but really, they worked with us on the perimeter. They allowed us to do what we do and they gave their opinions.”

Since “Grown” was created by two shining stars from New World School of the Arts, they teamed with New World classmates to help write it and star in the show.

And when it came to filming, they kept it local.

Maria Corina Ramirez, actress: “It’s a dramedy. It has a little bit of both comedy and drama, and it takes place in Miami. The real Miami, as we like to call it, representing the Latin culture and the Haitian-American culture.”



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