Local designer Natlyn Jones says SheWarrior active wear highlights strength in femininity

Ladies, when we work out, we want to feel like we’re  unstoppable, and we want to look good, too. You know, strong and sexy. A new line of active wear created by a South Florida-based designer is helping women do just that.

SheWarrior. Not the name of the latest superhero, it’s active wear made to push you to your peak — and beyond.

Natlyn Jones, designer, SheWarrior: “It’s a brand founded in empowerment and just feeling good and just reminding every woman to tap into that warrior spirit that she innately has.”

Natlyn Jones is the brains behind SheWarrior. She threw around some “f” words to describe her line.

Natlyn Jones: “Feminine, fierce. There’s strength in femininity. I wanted to encompass all those things.”

Whatever kind of workout you’re into — a simple stretch or some Pilates — you could call this physical fashion, and no one would disagree.

Natlyn Jones: “I’ve always been a little bit of a tomboy as well, so that, mixed with the love of fashion, it kind of was a marriage made in heaven.”

Speaking of marriage, Natlyn’s hubby is boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. The champ let her know whenever he thought an outfit was a knockout,

Natlyn Jones: “Roy didn’t really contribute to the fashions, I would say, but he definitely, when I would try something on, he was like, ‘Ooh, that looks good.’ That’s about as far as his involvement goes.”

Every piece brings something special to the table, but there are a couple that really stand out.

Natlyn Jones: “One of my ultimate favorites is the First-Round Leopard in gold. I love that hombre; it’s bright, it’s bold, it’s fierce.”

This one will have you floating on air.

Natlyn Jones: “It’s from our Dream Chaser Collection, It’s the Tie-Dye Cloud. It’s on trend; it’s kinda this whole cloud galaxy thing.”

The goal of SheWarrior was clear from the get-go.

Natlyn Jones: “You look good, you feel good. It just reminds you of your inner strength.”


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