I love my mother.

I do.

She’s awesome but i’m close to positive there’s no way we could work together.

Lucky for us Jessica Sanchez and her mom Libia are a kitchen collaboration made in heaven. The pair, along with Jessica’s brother, Jonathan run the show at Loba. A Mimo eatery that’s truly a family affair. Jessica has no formal culinary training and learned everything she knows from growing up in her parents Colombian restaurant Patacon. The former banker with an MBA in finance gave it all up to open Loba Miami. But make no mistake, Jessica is top chef here. She developed and designed the cozy 45 seat restaurant all by herself using nothing but her savings. No investors, no public relations group to create buzz. Nada except mama for inspiration.

On a recent Sunday I popped in for brunch. I got things started with some lentil croquettes ($10). OMG goodness. The lentil filling and the sweet beet tzatziki is perfection. You can’t go wrong with Jessica’s avocado toast ($7) made with grilled Zak the Baker sourdough, mashed and sliced avocados, crushed red pepper flakes and a pinch of sea salt. I tried to keep things light (HA!) and ordered the Popeye’s Ambition egg white omelette ($14). The veggies inside, nice and crisp, the egg whites nice and thin almost like a crepe. Never thought an egg white omelette would excite me so much but this thing was just perfectly executed! And now back to keeping things light (HA!) I ended brunch with the Curious George ($10). It’s banana bread french toast with nutella and peanut butter and candied bacon bits sprinkled on top. So light, right?

The vibe at Loba is easy-breezy. It seems like word is getting around there’s a cool, unpretentious, little place that’s popped up in Mimo where you can get a nice meal and not break the bank. After all Jessica’s not into banking anymore.

Belkys Best Bite: lentil croquettes

LOBA Restaurant
7420 Biscayne Blvd.
Miami, FL 33137
(786) 536-6692

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