They say music is good for the soul, and turns out it’s also good for the surgeon.

Forget those playlists. One doctor’s office is changing up the sound of its operating room.

Siri, play Dua Lipa on Spotify while I get my Brazilian butt lift in an hour.

Hey, girls, there is nothing like live music, but that’s not only true while you’re sitting back at a fun weekend concert, because here in the 305, it’s also the case while you’re laying back under the knife.

You’ve probably seen doctors play songs during surgery in movies like “Doctor Strange” and shows like “Scrubs,” but music in the operating room takes new meaning at Lampert MD Plastic Surgery in Miami.

Meet Angel Cabrera. He’s a surgical tech by trade.

Angel Cabrera: “On a normal day, I’m assisting to the doctor to do surgeries.”

But he’s also a musician. His stage? The operating room. The audience? Co-workers who perform surgery while he tickles the ivories.

Joshua Lampert: “We all love live music, and I don’t know another plastic surgeon that has live music in their operating room.”

Doctor Lampert asked Angel to start playing in the OR about a month ago.

Joshua Lampert: “It all helps us move at a better pace. It all keeps morale up. It helps us perform better surgeries for our patients.”

And he was happy to bring his guitar and keyboards to work.

Angel Cabrera: “I only play when I’m not assisting the doctor. I like to play like a mix. Like for today, I played ‘Hotel California.’ It’s a rock, pop, country. I play ‘La Malagueña,’ it’s Hispanic music, and I play ‘We Are The World.’ It’s like, you know, pop.”

Live music in Doctor Lampert’s OR isn’t just cool and unique. It’s also totally safe.

Joshua Lampert: “The sterile field has to be maintained and one of the ways that we can is to ensure that it’s maintaining adequate distance from the field, and the fact that we have a surgical technologist that’s playing music, one of his number one jobs is to keep everything perfect.”

Angel says patients have now started asking for him to play during their surgeries, and yes, he does take song requests.

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