We can’t go see the New World Symphony right now, but the musicians are coming to us! The symphony and Lincoln Road have hatched a plan that’s truly music to our ears.

This is what a typical New World Symphony performance looks like.

This is the 2020 version: musicians roaming around on golf carts bringing sounds of the symphony to you.

Aaron Ney, musician: “The concept of this program is to bring live music out to the streets. Each musician — there’s going to be three per night — is going to ride in the back of a golf cart down Lincoln Road and play an assortment of music for people walking by or eating at the restaurants.”

The symphony harmonized with Lincoln Road businesses to make it happen.

Timothy Schmand, spokesperson, Lincoln Road: “I’d like to think of it as the way that aroma of baking bread affects your nose. The sounds of the musicians traveling on Lincoln Road affects your ears.”

The obvious question here is: What’s the deal with the golf carts?

Timothy Schmand: “The reason we do this is to achieve social distancing for both the performers and the audience.”

Every once in a while, the musicians will briefly perform together in one spot, but they’re mostly on the move, so a crowd doesn’t start to gather, and the golf carts are electric, which is also important.

Timothy Schmand: “They are as quiet as any electric motor you can hear, and they don’t overwhelm the sound of the instruments.”

It also keeps things interesting for the musicians.

Aaron Ney: “The level of difficulty is definitely higher on a moving vehicle. It’s definitely out in the wild, so to speak. but I embrace the journey.”

They just seem to be happy to be performing again.

Aaron Ney: “The experience for us is really fun, and we’re glad to be out here sharing our music with the community and just having a good night.”

And remember, don’t worry about finding them. They’ll find you!

Timothy Schmand: “Just listen and eventually you’ll hear them!”

Jake Stevens, patron: “I think it’s great. I was just eating here at the Italian restaurant, and it just drove by. We paid attention and listened to it.”

Sha Steven, patron: “Music is a good healing thing, so having them roll around, I think helps lift people’s spirits.”

Symphony musicians will be playing on Lincoln Road the first Friday, Saturday and Sunday of every month from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.

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