A lot of people say they feel haunted by their partner’s ex. In one star-studded new movie, it’s totally true. Tonight, Armie Hammer and Lily James take us inside “Rebecca.”

Bruno Paviot (as Terrace Maitre D’): “The terrace is for guests only.”

Armie Hammer (as Maxim de Winter): “Monsieur, the young lady will be joining me.”

Beautiful people in a beautiful place starting a beautiful romance, but looks can be deceiving!

Lily James (as Mrs. de Winter): “Imagine if you could bottle a memory, like scent.”

Lily James and Armie Hammer star in a new adaptation of the popular novel, “Rebecca.”

Lily James: “I loved the book so much that I felt so excited to get into the mind of the character and bring her to life. I think maybe to my detriment I loved the book so much that I found it hard to like, let it go and spread my wings, and maybe if I could do it again, I would like throw it in the bin a bit. Instead, I clutched it like a bible.”

Hammer previously worked with director Ben Wheatley on the action-comedy “Free Fire,” and will again in the upcoming monster hunting flick, “Freak Shift.”

Armie Hammer: “It feels good to be invited back to a party, you know? I love working with Ben. I think he’s a fantastic director. I think that this, like every other film that he has done before, is somehow diametrically opposed to the last film he did. He just seems to reinvent himself as a filmmaker constantly.”

Armie Hammer (as Maxim de Winter): “Mrs. de Winter, may I present Mrs. Danvers.”

Kristin Scott Thomas (as Mrs. Danvers): “Welcome to Manderley.”

The always intriguing Kristin Scott Thomas plays the antagonistic Mrs. Danvers.

Kristin Scott Thomas: “It’s so different from the novel, from the Mrs. Danvers of the novel, who is this little mouse-like character. She is a manipulative, jealous, angry, disappointed, grieving woman, and there seems to be nothing more dangerous.”

Kristin Scott Thomas (as Mrs. Danvers): “You can’t go on living in that big old house with her ghost!”

“Rebecca” is in theaters now.

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