Lil Wayne revealed as The Robot on ‘The Masked Singer’

The Robot has malfunctioned! The Season 3 premiere of “The Masked Singer” saw a really talented performer get the boot — but getting off the mask wasn’t easy.

“The Masked Singer” kicked off Season 3 with a bombshell elimination night following Super Bowl 54, Sunday.

The Robot asked the host, Nick Cannon, to help remove his mask.

The superstar revealed was award-winning rapper Lil Wayne — shocking not only the judges, but audiences around the world.

Jamie Foxx: “We had no idea. You was tough.”

Lil Wayne: “I thought y’all was joking. Y’all were serious.”

Jamie Foxx: “I named some white guy.”

Robin Thicke: “I’ve done 5 songs with him.”

Jenny McCarthy: “You just Ken Jeong’d yourself.”

Panelists Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke were joined by Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx for the premiere.

When it came to guessing who was behind the Robot mask, each judge made crazy guesses. Johnny Knoxville and Floyd Mayweather were among them, and the clues didn’t seem to help much.

Ken Jeong: “Why was there a periodic table in the clue package?”

Lil Wayne: “Platinum, daddy. Platinum.”

Sunday’s premiere introduced six of the 18 contestants gearing up to battle it out this season.

White Tiger, Turtle, Llama, Kangaroo, and Miss Monster all avoided elimination for another week.

Season 1 winner T-Pain said in the past, Lil Wayne was a huge fan of the show. Now, he’s part of its continuing legacy with no end in sight.

You only have to wait a couple more days for more unmasking. An all-new episode goes down this Wednesday, right after Deco.

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