If you could cook up diamonds in lab, just about anyone could be dripping in them. Well, diamonds are being made in labs and that means it’s your chance to look positively gem-tastic.

Marilyn Monroe: “A kiss on the hand may be quite continental, but diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

Marilyn Monroe sang about them.

Rihanna: “Shine bright like a diamond.”

And, so did Rihanna.

They are diamonds, and a pop-up in Aventura sparkles with them.

Sally Morrison, Chief Marketing Officer: “The Lightbox pop-up is in the Aventura mall for one week, and people can try on our jewelry, see our jewelry and learn about Lightbox diamonds.”

Lightbox diamonds are man-made.

Sally Morrison: “A laboratory grown diamond is a diamond that has the same optical, physical and chemical properties as a regular diamond.”

A natural diamond takes billions of years to make, not these.

A tiny piece of lab grown diamond gets bombarded with a ton of pressure and heat and in about two weeks, you get your finished product.

Sally Morrison: “Thanks to technology, they can be made every day of the week.”

The Aventura pop-up has a hands-on science lesson.

Sally Morrison: “We have a microscope, so customers can see the tiny laser sign in the middle of the diamond that certifies it is a Lightbox diamond. We have diamond gravel and we have diamond grit. Diamond is a very conductive material, so it will take the heat from the human body and convey it through the ice and slice through it like butter, its fun.”

And of course, there’s bling.

Sally Morrison: “We have an interactive display of our jewelry.”

From earrings to stackable rings to necklaces.

They can dress up an outfit and we here at Deco love the colors of the diamonds too.

Sally Morrison: “Most natural diamonds are white. We have something that is so perfect for you at Deco Drive, because we have pink and blue diamonds.

Lightbox diamonds come in different shapes and are quarter, half or full carats.

They’re set in sterling silver, white or yellow gold.

Erika Anderson, customer: “I think they are really pretty and if you didn’t tell me they were chemical-made, I would think they were real diamonds.”

Buying one won’t break the bank.

Sally Morrison: “All Lightbox diamonds are priced at $800 a carat, and a natural diamond of equivalent quality would be many thousands of dollars.”


Lightbox Jewelry

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