High school isn’t easy! The studying, the drama, the fashion mistakes, I’m still trying to recover from all that. In the new TV movie “Imperfect High,” the problems are a little bigger than someone stealing your prom date! Let’s just say It puts the high in high school!

School’s in session on Lifetime! Lifetime’s “Imperfect High” tackles a tough topic: prescription drugs!

Sherri Shepherd and Nia Sioux play mother-daughter duo Deborah and Hannah. Hannah starts popping pills. Deborah gets all mama bear and steps in.

Nia Sioux: “She struggles with anxiety disorder when she gets to a new school and tries to find her place, tries to fit in. It’s about her journey and her struggle with addiction.”

Sherri Shepherd: “I love playing mothers, and the fact that it is so relevant about kids going through anxiety disorder.”

If Nia looks familiar, you’re a Lifetime regular.

We watched her grow up spinning and leaping on the network’s reality show “Dance Moms.”

Nia Sioux: “It’s pretty cool to have been on Lifetime for a huge chunk of my life.”

Now, she’s back on the network!

Nia Sioux: “To see me now, you know, 20 years old in a Lifetime movie acting as a lead alongside Ms. Sherri Shepard, it’s pretty cool, pretty insane.”

They grow up so fast!

Speaking of growing up, the movie is about high school, so Sherri gave Deco a little insight about life after those teen years!

Sherri Shepherd: “Everybody I liked, when I went to my 20-year high school reunion, they were bald and fat. All of the mean girls were like chain smokers, bad skin. I was so happy in my 20s because I look like this.”

Doesn’t matter if it’s 20 years out of high school or two, Sherri and Nia look perfect to us in “Imperfect High!”

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