Sometimes you look good when you get a little color, and you can do that this weekend at Sun Life Stadium, even after the sun goes down. Life In Color is the biggest paint party on Earth, and Deco’s getting covered.

If you’re into dance music, this party has the bass. It has the crazy visuals and the wild crowd. But when the lights go down, the paint comes out.

Life In Color is the world’s largest paint party, and it takes place at Sun Life Stadium. It combines dance music and enough paint to make your dry cleaner say, "What?!"

DJ David Solano: "Thousands of people come wearing white, and they just get covered in paint while the best DJs in the world are playing on stage with Cirque du Soleil-type of acts."

The lineup includes Steve Aoki, Zed’s Dead and Bieber’s buddies "Jack U."

DJ David Solano says the paint makes the party.

David Solano: "Everybody plays similar styles now, but when you add the paint, it’s an added element, and everybody goes nuts."

Life In Color got the party started back in 2006. Since then, they’ve found new ways to cover fans in green goop.

David Solano: "Well, we started with little super soaker guns, then eventually we got better guns, but now we have massive paint cannons where the goop can explode up to 300 feet long."

Sometimes, even the DJs have to take cover.

David Solano: "The paint shoots forward towards the fans, fortunately enough. But back in the day, we used to have to cover the DJ booth with a Plexiglas."

With several stages, a zip line and a Ferris wheel, Life In Color is a feast for the senses.

David Solano: "When you’re at that moment with your friends, and you hear the music and the lights, it’s just such a great moment of life, you know? So we just hope to bring that experience to our fans."

Sounds like the perfect way to paint the town red, and green, and blue.


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