Life in Color brings world’s largest paint party to Miami

A major music festival is taking over Miami this month. Life in Color promises some of the biggest names in dance music. Deco’s taking a look at the loudest paint party on earth.

You don’t have to worry about what to wear at this music festival.

The organizers will take care of that for you.

Eric Fuller, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Life in Color: “Life in Color is dubbed as the world’s largest paint party. We basically fuse electronic music with neon paint.”

Eric Fuller: “We encourage all of our fans to wear white, so once the paint and the colors hit their body, they actually become part of the show.”

The event takes over the Mana event space in Wynwood.

Artists from all over the globe will show up to get the party started.

Eric Fuller: “Zedd — that’s our headlining artist. He’s a Grammy-winning producer, DJ. He’s toured all over the world.”

This year, hip hop will be represented as well.

Eric Fuller: “Also this year we have 21 Savage, which is questionably one of the most popular hip hop artists out there right now, so we’re really excited to have him.”

And one of Miami’s own will hit the stage.

Eric Fuller: “Lil Pump, who’s a Miami-based artist. He has a really popular song called ‘Gucci Gang.'”

And when the music gets loud, the paint starts spraying.

Eric Fuller: “We have a fire hose that shoots about 40 yards, and then we have CO2-powered paint cannons that shoot probably about 20 to 30 yards.”

In case you’re wondering, the paint is non-toxic and washes out with water.

But for fans, getting messy is all part of the fun.

Eric Fuller: “It’s bascialy a large paint party with some of your best friends and some of the best artists from around the world.”

We’re giving away VIP passes to the party next weekend in Wynwood! Just e-mail your name, address and phone number to and you could win.

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