These days we’re learning how to celebrate while being socially distant. Now a new way to party is rolling into town, literally. Deco’s Alex Miranda is spreading the news in Miramar.

If you’ve ever wanted to see your name in bright, shining lights, a mobile LED bilboard could be the perfect thing for your socially distant celebrations.

You probably thought you would never see big lights and loud music again, but now one SoFlo company will bring all that excitement to your front yard.

Lex Promotions normally uses their LED mobile billboard at concerts and festivals like Ultra, but with their new Operation Drive-By, any celebration can be huge.

Lex Pierre-Louis, Lex Promotions: “We pull up to the front of the house, we hit the horn a few times, the family members come out. We start by playing a slideshow presentation. After that, we play videos of the family members and the friends showing love to the person we’re honoring.”

The service starts at $250, and they’ve even invited a few of their famous friends, like hometown hip-hop legends.

Trina: “Hi, guys. This is Trina.”

Flo Rida: “Hey, what’s up? It’s your man Flo Rida.”

DJ Khaled: “This is a special graduation. They’re going to talk about this forever.”

But for eighth grade Jaden, those surprises kept on coming.

Jaden Phillip: “I was really excited ’cause my mom surprised me, and I didn’t really know about it.”

Family and friends sent their love from a safe social distance.

And mom Chanel came dressed for the occasion.

Chanel Talley: “I am so proud. (points to head ornament) “You see? ‘Proud parent.’ We — I mean he worked really hard to get this. (Me too!)”

But Jaden wasn’t the only graduate on this block in Miramar on Tuesday.

Destiny Dyer: “I just graduated high school. I’m going to the Air Force.”

Destiny and Jaden grew up next to each other as next-door neighbors.

And, yeah, this wasn’t the way Destiny pictured her graduation day, but it’s just as special.

Destiny Dyer: “It’s really cool, because we’ve been friends for a while, like all our lives, basically.”

Operation Drive By with Lex Promotions Mobile Billboard Trucks

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