‘Lethal Weapon,’ ‘The Mick’ and ‘LA to Vegas’ bring laughs, action to FOX lineup

Grab some Oreos and milk and get ready for a big night on TV. Three top shows are bringing their “A” game. There’s a dead guy on a plane, an irresponsible aunt and cops asserting their authority.

Damon Wayans (as Roger Murtaugh): “I want you to see me as an authority.”

There’s some lethal drama and a lot of laughs going down tonight.

Keesha Sharp (as Trish Murtaugh): “Are you crazy, Riggs?”

Up first is “Lethal Weapon.”

Since Martin’s dad is locked up, the Murtaugh household is facing a new challenge.

Keesha Sharp: “I think we’ll find out a lot about the Murtaugh family, what happens when things go wrong.”

Dante Brown: “A lot of life going on, a lot of new lessons, and it’s crazy how somehow my life intertwines with the show.”

Chandler Kinney: “My character, Riana, she’s kind of finding her voice a little bit more and growing up, which is awesome.”

Kim Matula (as Ronnie): “I’d settle for one flight without any fighting, vomiting or emotional support animals.”

Landing in your living room next is the dysfunctional gang at Jackpot Airlines in “LA to Vegas.”

Ed Weeks plays one of the regular passengers, and he told Deco to expect turbulence.

Ed Weeks: “And the whole thing explodes in a big hilarious, glorious mess.”

This week is “Dead Passenger Flying” — because someone doesn’t survive!

Ed Weeks: “We have a passenger fatality, and then, of course, the crew has to try and cover that up and not let the other passengers panic.”

As absurd as the situations are on the show, they’re really not that far-fetched.

Dylan McDermott, who plays Captain Dave, agrees!

Dylan McDermott: “We all have to laugh at the airlines, right? It’s so tortuous every time you go to the airport that you have to laugh at it.”

Kaitlin Olson (as Mackenzie Murphy): “Got to look my best. This is my triumphant return.”

And from scares in the air to chaos on the ground — we have “The Mick.”

Kaitlin Olson’s show is back, and Aunt Mickey still doesn’t have a firm grip on parenting.

Kaitlin Olson: “We haven’t seen anything like this on TV before, and that’s what we keep on saying, ‘What do we do that makes it so you’re not bored and you’re seeing stuff that you haven’t seen before.’ Right?”

Scott MacArthur: “Yeah, so we do a lot of shirtless scenes. I’m shirtless, you’re… not.”

Kaitlin Olson (as Mackenzie Murphy): “People don’t get a lot of cool stuff.”

It’s all getting started right after Deco, Tuesday. “Lethal Weapon” is next, followed by “LA to Vegas” and “The Mick.”

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