‘LEGO Batman Movie’ stars discuss voicing pop culture icons

(WSVN) - The Batmobile is pulling into theaters this weekend, and the stars of “The LEGO Batman Movie” spoke to Deco all about the next phase of the Caped Crusader’s adventures.

Will Arnett (as Batman): “I saved the city again. It was off the chain.”

Batman is back on the big screen. Will Arnett is back as the Caped Crusader in “The LEGO Batman Movie.”

Will Arnett: “Batman doesn’t have a superpower. He’s got his mind.”

While Bruce Wayne has returned to save Gotham City, there are some changes this time around.

Will Arnett (as Batman): “I like to fight around.”

Like his different relationship with his nemesis — the Joker.

Zach Galifianakis: “Joker’s trying to get to the bottom of what their relationship is for the last 75 years, and we thought that was kind of a fun thing that was fertile ground to work from.”

Zach Galifianakis, who plays the Joker, says it’s a much softer character.

Zach Galifianakis: “We wanted to kind of toy with the more sensitive side of a villain.”

Will wasted no time getting down to bat business.

Will Arnett (as Batman): “I’m home. I’m home. I’m home.”

Like nailing that voice.

Will Arnett: “Trying to find that balance of the dark, heavy, brooding voice that a lot of the Batmans had. Christian Bale had a very serious, heavy voice.”

Christian Bale (as Batman): “I’m Batman.”

Will Arnett: “Even starting with Keaton, they all had varying degrees of that.”

Michael Keaton (as Batman): “I’m Batman.”

Will Arnett: “We wanted to find the right balance of that, but also enough kind of potential that there was a little chink in the armor there. That he was maybe a little bit insecure underneath all that bravado.”

As if playing Batman and the Joker aren’t enough for bragging rights, here’s what superpower Will and Zach really wish they had.

Will Arnett: “I always think, ‘Man, imagine how cool it would be if you were smart.”

Zach Galifianakis: “It would be cool to be smart.”

Gotham City residents: “Batman, we love you!”

Will Arnett (as Batman): “Thank you. I’m blushing super hard under the mask.”

“The LEGO Batman Movie” is now playing in theaters.

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