Monday night, the cast of “The Legend of Tarzan” hit the red carpet in Los Angeles for the movie’s premiere. And for such a wild movie, things were relatively tame on the carpet — with no swinging from vines, and surprisingly little wild yelling.

The stars of “The Legend of Tarzan” were looking dapper at the L.A. premiere.

A rather buff Alexander Skarsgård is Tarzan, a role he’s wanted for years.

Alexander Skarsgård: “I’ve been a fan of Tarzan since I was a kid, and I kind of thought I knew everything about the character, and I thought I knew exactly how it would open, but scene one is him drinking tea with the prime minister.”

Forget everything you thought you knew about Tarzan, because the king of the jungle you meet in this movie might be more comfortable on a red carpet than swinging on a vine.

Alexander Skarsgård: “You meet Tarzan as Lord Greystoke, where he’s already left the jungle 10 years ago, and he lives in London with his wife Jane, and then he’s forced to go back. Sam Jackson’s character shows up and invites him back to the Congo, and reluctantly he returns.”

Samuel L. Jackson: “Yes, it’s a Tarzan film, but it’s more about family and the connections between people and people and the environment.”

The now refined Tarzan is lured back to the jungle, where bad guy Christoph Waltz plans to trade him to an enemy in exchange for diamonds. But if Tarzan is so smart now, how would you be able to lure him? By kidnapping Jane, of course. She’s played here by Margot Robbie.

Margot Robbie (as Jane): “My husband is no normal man.”

Djimon Hounsou: “It’s a beautiful love story, and obviously, one that a lot of us dream about a lot, fantasize about. We all wish to meet to meet that perfect woman, that perfect man.”

Christoph Waltz (as Leon Rom): “He’s Tarzan, you’re Jane. He’ll come for him.”

“The Legend of Tarzan” opens in theaters on Friday, July 1.

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