LeBron James’ Unknwn opens new Wynwood location

A new store in Wynwood has tongues wagging! LeBron James may have left the Heat, but his “sole” is still in SoFlo. For some reason, Deco’s Alex Miranda got to do a shoe story instead of Shireen.

Not one louboutins in sight, Shireen! I really felt for you, but I have to say I was crying tears of joy for me because one store opening up in Miami’s hottest neighborhood has the coolest men’s sneakers on the street.

If you’re a sneakerhead in Miami, you most definitely know about Unknwn.

Frankie Walker Jr., co-founder, Unknwn: “We kind of provide everything from sneakers to street wear to high-end men’s fashion, to art, to novelty and everything in between.”

Basketball superstar LeBron James and fellow co-founder Frankie Walker Jr. have been styling South Florida at Aventura Mall for eight years, but it was time for this shoe store to take their next step.

Alex Miranda: “How long have you guys been dreaming of having this Wynwood location with that amazing, freaking basketball court?! What store’s got that?”

Frankie Walker Jr.: “You know what? This has been years in the making. We have this beautiful court to be able to do a lot of things besides not only just basketball but be an event space.”

Frankie and LeBron aren’t just business partners, either. They were childhood best friends.

Alex Miranda: “What was LeBron like as a kid? Did you know that this was in him the whole time?”

Frankie Walker Jr.: “Absolutely not, to be honest. We were football guys. We were always into sneakers. We were always into what was going on. It kind spurred off of our sports backgrounds.”

But for most of us, venturing out of our same ol’ sneaks can be intimidating.

Alex Miranda: “So what is your advice for people who just want to look cooler?”

Frankie Walker Jr.: “Besides just shopping at Unknwn, I think just be open-minded, take some risks. I am a big fan of sneakers with suits. It fits for me.”

I was so inspired by Frankie’s advice that I felt it was time for an upgrade, so he hooked me up with these stylish Nike React 270s.

Frankie Walker Jr.: “Nice style function.”

Alex Miranda: “I like that!”

Frankie Walker Jr.: “They’re super comfortable. You can wear them in a bunch of different ways. I think that’ll be a good look for you.”

Alex Miranda: “I think so, too. Let’s try them on.”

Alex Miranda: “All right Frankie, they look cool, they’re super comfortable, and I don’t know if you noticed, but I’m almost your height at this point! What do you think?”

Frankie Walker Jr.: “I think they look great on you!”

Alex Miranda: “I don’t have to pay for these, right?”

Frankie Walker Jr.: “Absolutely! Those are on the house!”

Unknwn opens Thursday, right at the official start of Art Basel, and to celebrate, they’re selling bespoke versions of some of your favorite sneakers like a new take on Nike’s iconic Air Force Ones.


Unknwn Wynwood
261 NW 26th St.
Miami, FL 33127

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