Fox’s “The Big Leap” is about getting a career do-over on reality TV. Deco caught up with star Scott Foley to get the 411 on the show.

Kevin Daniels (as Wayne Fontaine): “We are going to dance like everybody is watching.”

Scott Foley (as Nick Blackburn): “He’s good. Inspirational, not too earnest. I like him “

Scott Foley is leaping into a new role on the TV show “The Big Leap.”

Mallory Jansen (as Monica Sullivan): “What are you doing?”

Scott Foley (as Nick Blackburn): “I’m doing my job.”

Mallory Jansen (as Monica Sullivan): “You’re doing my job.”

Scott Foley (as Nick Blackburn): “Your job is part of my job.”

Mallory Jansen (as Monica Sullivan): “We are all executive producers. Who’s in charge here?”

Scott Foley (as Nick Blackburn): Me! Really, really me.”

The musical series is about the making of a reality show that’s looking for dancers. It’s a show within a show. You with me?

Scott Foley (as Nick Blackburn): “It’s a whole story arc.”

Mallory Jansen (as Monica Sullivan): “What’s that got to do with dancing?”

Scott Foley (as Nick Blackburn): “Nothing. The show is not about dancing.”

This comedy has a little bit of tension, thanks to the on-screen executive producer, Nick Blackburn, played by Scott Foley.

Scott Foley: “He’s tasked with making the best show he can, and part of that is creating drama, manufacturing drama where there might not be any, exploiting the lives of those who signed on to do this show. It’s sort of the bad guy role.”

“The Big Leap” is about a dance reality show … and we do have one of those on 7.

Deco really wanted to know, what are the chances for a ‘”Masked Dancer”-“Big Leap” duet?

Scott Foley: “Oh, they’d be cool if we can do a crossover, maybe a second season. It’s like, ‘Who’s in that mask, doing the dance?'”

Our fingers are crossed for that. In the meantime, Scott gave us the scoop on this season’s “The Big Leap.”

Scott Foley: “There’s a dance battle coming up in a future episode with a rain machine and bunch of stuff. In later episodes, you get to meet my character Nick’s daughter and see his relationship with her.”

Scott Foley (as Nick Blackburn): “I need people to bang. I need tears. I need a fistfight. Everybody loves an underdog.”

Scott says the claws are coming out on Monday night’s episode. The dancers get their roles in “Swan Lake,” and not everyone is happy about their part.

You can check out “The Big Leap” right here on 7, Monday at 9 p.m.

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