Broward County still has a few farms amid the urban sprawl, including one where they do things old school, or Old Testament. For more, here’s Alex Miranda, who’s not too cool for kosher.

When I spend a rugged day on the farm, being all manly and such, I want the animals to be adorable, the backdrops to be Instagram-friendly and the vibes to be wholesome, but one farm in Dania Beach is so of another time, it’s practically biblical.

Adam Marcus Hendry, founder and CEO, L’Chaim Farm: “Welcome to L’Chaim Farm, the only all-kosher farm in Florida.”

An all-kosher farm. How unorthodox.

But seriously, L’Chaim Farm in Dania Beach is a unique farm that sprouted up at a unique time.

Adam Marcus Hendry: “During COVID, we wanted to go outside, so after looking and looking and looking, we kind of stumbled upon this kind of secret urban farm location.”

Let’s get to it. What exactly does it mean when a farm is kosher?

Chef Yos Schwartz: “Kosher is regular food, just with restrictions and lots of supervision. We trust the rabbis to come in and certify that this is kosher to eat, to bring into your home.”

Trust us: kosher has been around a long time. A loooong time.

Chef Yos Schwartz: “Essentially, kosher is following the biblical laws of dietary eating and traditions set forth by Moses.”

Charlton Heston (as Moses): “Behold His mighty hand!”

OK, maybe that’s a tad over the top, but the idea here is to make you feel good.

Adam Marcus Hendry: “Kosher doesn’t just mean the food. It also means the ambiance. This is a very wholesome ambiance. Everything here is friendly, whether it’s to a teenager, to a little kid or grandparents.”

Your little farm hands will have plenty to do.

Adam Marcus Hendry: “We have a little bit of bounce house, horseback riding for the kids. There’s a pond out there; they do fishing.”

The kids will also be able to hang in the playground, milk a goat or feed the chickens.

This guy is always around for a chat.

Baby goat: “Bahhhhh.”

Every Sunday, a farmer’s market goes down, and everyone’s invited.

Adam Marcus Hendry: “We’re also open to the public, to the community. Not just the Jewish community, any South Florida community. We have now, with everything total, over nine acres. You’ll find probably over 30 types of vegetables. We have coconuts, we have pineapples.”

There are also plenty of baked goods and dairy products, like goat’s milk, goat cheese and yogurt to be had.

L’Chaim Farm is proof that kosher is cool.

Adam Marcus Hendry: “Trying to be a very community-oriented kosher organic farm that’s unique, not just to South Florida, but the United States, I think.”

Maureen Ruggieri, guest: “Everything is organic. The people are wonderful; they’re very accommodating. What’s not to like?”

Sunday is their big day, but you can also pre-order your food and pick it up on Thursdays.

L’Chaim Farm
5511 Woodland Lane
Dania Beach, FL 33312

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