Laugh out loud with laughter yoga

Laughing out loud in the middle of a yoga class might get you kicked out of most places, but Deco checked out a class where getting loud is all part of the program. Get your abs and your jaw muscles ready for laughter yoga.

Yoga is all about quiet mindfulness and getting in touch with your inner self…

So how is this class different?

Funny you should ask.

Karmen Plasencia, Laughter Yoga teacher: “Laughter yoga is really an ancient form of yoga that we kind of go through forced laughter.”

Laughter yoga combines the benefits of traditional yoga with real laughter.

Deco hit Synergy Yoga on South Beach for some comic relief.

Laughing at a movie scene is one thing…

Laughing with a room full of strangers seems a little…

Karmen Plasencia: “It looks a little crazy.”

Turns out, yukking it up has some real benefits.

Karmen Plasencia: “Laughter produces oxytocin in the body, so it just helps you release, relax and also energizes you.”

The class starts with some rhythmic chanting…

Karmen Plasencia: “You kinda start walking around feeling goofy, because who wants to start laughing when nothing’s funny? But then the instructor takes you though very specific high tones, low tones.”

Then there’s the funny phone conversation!

Arianne, Yoga Expo director: “Laughter is contagious, after an hour of laughing, you can’t help it, it just turns into real laughter.”

Patron 1: “I’d say it’s easy to laugh.”

Patron 2: “She can’t stop!”

Patron 3: “In the beginning, it’s like, ‘What am I doing? Am I forcing myself to laugh?’ and then all of a sudden, you really start laughing naturally.”

Laughing isn’t just good for your mind — it can be a real workout.

Patron 2: “When I walked in, I had no idea what to expect. My abs are hurting, my jaw is hurting.”

There’s no doubt yoga is good for you, but laughter yoga may be the best medicine of all.

You catch all the good vibes at the Yoga Expo at the Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale this weekend.


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