Good looking food and a little mystery fun? You couldn’t ask for more on season two of “Crime Scene Kitchen.”

Now two more kitchen detectives take home the grand prize and the winning title.

Season two case of “Crime Scene Kitchen” has been solved.

Amber Croom: “It was such an overwhelming feeling of emotion, of joy and excitement.”

Taking home the title and $100,000 grand prize were Amber Croom and Yassmeen Haskins.

Yassmeen Haskins: “My daughter has graduated from college now, and I’m really hoping that I can, she’s gonna take this money and do something really, really amazing with it, but out of all of this, Amber and I have always collaborated and we’ve come up with a concept called ‘Bay Beignets’ and we offer Beignets all around Baltimore City.”

Amber Croom: “And, the other half is your girl is taking a vacation. I got to have that, you know, with my family. Like, it’s been a minute. It’s been a while since we’ve done that. You know, I’ve had another brother pass, and so, it’s just like, yeah, the time is now.”

Their hope is that their story can inspire the next generation of bakers

Yassmeen Haskins: “Two just really positive black women coming together. To know that hey, you can connect with the woman to the left or to the right of you, build a friendship, build a business and so, we want to take that message out into the community.”

Amber Croom: “For them to be able to see us on this platform to say, ‘Hey, I’ve never seen somebody who looks like me doing something like this. Oh, that’s a possibility?’ Like, yeah, it is.”

As for any future ‘ crime scene kitchen’ detectives they have this to say:

Yassmeen Haskins: “Allow yourself to pivot.”

Amber Croom: “And, look everywhere. Look everywhere.”

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