Things we love in Deco: celebrites and makeup. And what we love the most is makeup that comes from celebrites. Deco caught up with beauty queen Lala Anthony, and we got the scoop on pretty and powerful things.

Lala Anthony is making a name for herself in the makeup business.

She’s the brains and face behind Motives for Lala.

Lala Anthony: “What I love about Motives as a whole is that we love to stay on top of the trends, so we’re watching the trends, what people are doing.”

We caught up with Lala at the Market America World Conference at the American Airlines Arena.

She was showing off some of this season’s best makeup looks.

Lala Anthony: “It’s definitely targeting African-American and Hispanic women — those undertones — just making sure that the foundations and the concealers match.”

Lala Anthony: “For so long, when you bought makeup, you couldn’t find makeup that worked for our skin tones — the olives and yellows in our skin, so we worked hard to find stuff that matches everybody.”

So, what’s new with Motives for Lala?

Lala Anthony: “There’s a velvet collection here — it’s a lot of nudes, different colored nudes and dark nudes, which seems to be on trend and what everyone’s doing.”

And turns out this makeup maven has her faves.

Lala Anthony: “I’m a lip gloss fanatic, so all the lip glosses I love. I love the palettes, the eye shadow palettes. We have so many different ones, so many different colors.”

Janel Quayle: “I love that this makeup line is by Lala. It brings a lot of credibility to the business. She’s a TV mogul; her makeup is always on point.”

Since she knows how to put on a happy face, we had to get some makeup tips.

Lala Anthony: “I think less is more. You can’t go wrong with that. When you try to overdo it – especially if you’re not a professional, or that’s not what you do — it can get a little sketchy, so I would always say less is more.”

Lala is more than a pretty face. She’s pretty busy, too.

She’s a regular on the Starz network’s hit show “Power.”

Lala Anthony: “Season 5 we’re filming right now.”

She flew in from filming to show off her makeup and, of course, talk to Deco.

Lala Anthony: “It is a roller coaster ride. ‘Power’ is a great show. As soon as you feel like you have it figured out, a curve is thrown in, and it’s something completely different. But we’re definitely coming back this summer, and everyone is looking forward to it.”

From “Power” to a powerful makeup business — Looks like Lala’s singing a successful tune!

Motives for Lala

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