Lady Jetset has all vacay outfits for women on the go

Lady Jetset sounds like someone who could be in the next “Terminator” or Marvel movie, but this, this is a different kind of hero. It’s actually a service, and it’s here to save you from a fashion emergency.

We’ve all been there. You’re on vacay relaxing when you suddenly get a last minute invite to something big, and you have nothing to wear!

Have no fear, Lady Jetset is here!

Bethany Sharp, Lady Jetset: “Lady Jetset is a rental website where women can go online, they can pick out their travel wardrobe based on where they’re going, and we ship it to their destination, so now women can travel light.”

The company is based right here in SoFlo, and they’ve teamed up with the Mondrian Hotel in South Beach to keep girls on the go looking fashion forward.

Bethany Sharp: “The beauty of this service is that you can pick a designer dress, and it’s delivered within hours.”

Lady Jetset is all about convenience. Just head down to the concierge, pick out some cute dresses, and they’ll take care of the rest.

Bethany Sharp: “We do same-day deliveries for all of South Florida. There’s no service or membership fee using Lady Jetset here at Mondrian South Beach. All you do is pay for the dresses.”

Now, all you have to worry about is getting ready and having a good time!

Sarah Cotton, customer: “It was so easy to use, so easy to find. It was waiting for me right on the desk. I was able to have a book to look through, and I was able to pick out an amazing dress that was perfect for tonight.”

Need more than just one outfit? Get glammed up for your whole trip without dropping big bucks on a new wardrobe.

Bethany Sharp: “Everything on our website retails over $500, but the beauty is that the average rental is $80 to $90.”

This leopard print dress is perfect for hitting the club, and you’ll be sure to turn heads at the bar with this flower-power look.

Lady Jetset can deliver several dresses to the Mondrian at the time you need it, so you’ll never have to repeat an outfit.

Sarah Cotton: “I never wanna pack again. I mean, this was so much easier. I have to normally roll everything up and try to fit everything. You end up going shopping and stressing. This was so much easier.”

Lady Jetset delivers all over the country and even internationally.

They’re offering Deco viewers 15% off their first orders with the promo code “deco drive 15.”


Lady Jetset

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