Satisfying your need for speed can be tough in South Florida, especially with all the traffic and the never-ending construction. But maybe it’s as easy as changing your set of wheels, and there’s an annual event rolling into Miami Beach that’s guaranteed to have you zooming all over town.

The speed…

Participant: “I like going fast.”

The feeling…

Israel Gonzalez, skater: “There’s nothing like it. I’ve always wanted to fly, and to me, when I skate, it feels like I’m flying.”

The fun…

Daniela Coletti, skater: “You can’t even go to bed afterwards because it takes hours to wind down that energy that we built together.”

Lace them up or strap them on — that’s what skaters from all over the world are doing as they gear up for next month’s fourth annual Skater Migration in Miami Beach.

Naomi Weinberg, skater: “There’s a lot of skaters that come from out of state to join us at Skater Migration. South Florida is hot all year round, so a lot of people want to get away from the cold, have a sunny skate.”

Doris Casabona, skater: “Last year, we had like about 100 skaters, 150 skaters. This year, I’m thinking that we’re going to double that number.”

Think of it like the Critical Mass of the skating world.

But instead of once a month, it lasts for three days and takes skaters all over South Beach, throughout Wynwood and even up to the Hollywood Boardwalk.

Talk about exhilaration!

Daniela Coletti: “We all love skating, and when we do it together, the feeling magnifies.”

Doris Casabona: “Stress goes down to the floor like you have nothing on your mind other than have fun.”

All the events are free and open to anyone who wants to have a good time and see South Florida in a new way, regardless of their skill level.

From beginner…

Israel Gonzalez: “I’ve been skating for about three months now, so I’m like what they call a ‘baby roller.'”

To pro…

Participant: “I’m a professional speed skater.”

Naomi Weinberg: “We never leave anybody behind. It doesn’t matter the skill. Just starting out or professional, all come and have a good time.”

Skater migration kicks off on Feb. 1 and runs through the Feb. 3.


Skater Migration

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