Pay it forward. Someone helps you, so you keep it going and help someone else. That’s what one Miami businesswoman is doing, and her way of helping is what’s in store for you.

Welcome to La Tiendecita by Martha of Miami.

Martha Valdes, La Tiendecita: “La Tiendecita is for anybody who understands Miami. It’s its own culture. Miami is its own thing.”

When it comes to all things SoFlo, Martha is where it’s at.

Martha Valdes: “Martha of Miami is your fun, quirky Miami-isms put on to T-shirts and mugs and hats.”

So what’s a Miami-ism?

Think Cuban bread.

Martha Valdes: “You know what the packaging looks like in the grocery store or in the bakery, and I got that design, and I dropped one letter, and now, the Cuban Bred has a totally new meaning. With the design of the packaging bread that we all know.”

And if you’ve ever had a pastelito or Cuban coffee, you get it.

Martha Valdes: “I was raised on croquetas. I was raised on cafe con leche and pastelitos.”

Nearly everyone in town is represented.

Martha Valdes: “It doesn’t matter where you are from, you understand what these Miami references or these Latino Cuban-isms are.”

Yeny Silva, customer: “Come here because it’s very Miami, and it’s very for the culture, and it’s very 305.”

Since Martha started out as a small business, she wanted her shop to help other small businesses.

Martha Valdes: “I want to open the doors to other Miami local vendors and artists and makers.”

Martha’s giving back by giving other businesses a chance to shine.

Erika Rodriguez, La Suculenta: “La Suculenta first began as a company that just upcycled and repurposed anything and everything with plants.”

They’ve got succulents planted in cans and espresso makers

Erika Rodriguez: “The cans I have chosen are cans that are very popular in our culture, and that is Ironbeer, Materva, and Jupiña.”

If some of the phrases in the store are confusing, there’s something here to help you out.

Denise Miqueli, Pin Pan Pun: “I sell and create the Pin Pan Pun books. Pin Pan Pun and other Cuban-isms as well as Pin Pan Pun, the Cuban coloring book.

You guessed it. It’s another business inside Martha’s little store.

Denise Miqueli: “A Pin Pan Pun book goes through very popular Cuban-isms. It explains them — in layman’s terms — to somebody who’s not familiar with the terminology.”

Martha says people helped her start up, so she is giving back.


La Tiendecita by Martha of Miami
8827 SW 40th St.
Miami, FL 33165

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