‘La Llorona’ stars discuss bringing supernatural folk tale to the big screen

Better hide the kids. “The Curse of La Llorona” is coming to theaters this weekend. It’s about the ghost of a Mexican mother who kills her children and then searches for others to take their place. Deco’s number one ghostbuster, Chris Van Vliet, has all the deets.

The spooky story of La Llorona has been passed down through generations. The cast of this supernatural thriller talked to Deco about bringing the terrifying folk tale to the big screen.

Things get really freaky in “The Curse of La Llorona.” We sat down with stars Patricia Velasquez, Raymond Cruz and Linda Cardellini, who had different experiences working on the fright-filled film.

Linda Cardellini: “It’s really fun. I have not done it in this capacity. It’s my first time.”

Raymond Cruz: “I thought it was a very creepy experience, ’cause you’re dealing with a dark subject matter.”

Patricia Velasquez: “I felt that it was very profound and very real.”

We’re thinking maybe Patricia and Raymond took things more seriously because they heard stories about La Llorona since they were little.

Patricia Velasquez: “She’s an entity.”

Raymond Cruz: “Right, she’s a dark, negative entity that walks the earth. She’s been around for hundreds of years.”

Patricia Velasquez: “She doesn’t stay in Mexico or Venezuela.”

Raymond Cruz: “No, there’s been sightings of her. There’s been people who have heard her. People have seen her.”

Since she’s a mother in real life, Linda didn’t have to stretch to play a mom trying to protect her kids from evil.

Linda Cardellini: “You just see everything through a different lens, I think, once you start to become — once you’re a parent, and I feel like, with the kids on set, it was very easy to want to be protective of them.”

Not everyone was so nurturing toward the young actors.

Raymond Cruz: “They asked me if La Llorona was real, and I said ‘yes,’ and that scared the hell out of them.”

Oliver Alexander (as Carlos): “Is she coming?”

Raymond Cruz (as Rafael Olvera): “She’s already here.”

The movie is set in 1970s Los Angeles. Linda thought that was very cool.

Linda Cardellini: “I liked it a lot — pre-technological sort of advancements that we’re aware of today, pre-social media, the internet — all that.”

So, does the curse of La Llorona actually exist, or is it just make-believe? Raymond couldn’t wait to answer that for us.

Raymond Cruz: “They make movies about supernatural things ’cause they’re real.”

Translated into English, “La Llorona” means “the weeping woman.” Translated from the Canadian, “Chris Van Vliet” means “Chris Van Vliet.”

“The Curse of La Llorona” creeps into theaters on Friday, April 19.

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