KYU. How would you pronounce that? Yeah….I didn’t know either until our waiter Greg said "welcome to KYU" pronounced Q. Mystery solved. What’s not a mystery is the team behind Wynwood’s newest eatery. Chef Michael Lewis and GM Steven Haig have branched out on their own after working at critically acclaimed Zuma. They’ve opened KYU — an Asian barbeque joint inspired by years of global travels.

The menu is pretty inspiring, my favorite section titled "snacky snacks" where you’ll find a burratta with yuzu marmalade served with toast ($8).

It’s a nice light start to the meal and so are the heirloom tomatoes served with chilies, red onion and delicate shiso leaves, unusual for this type of salad ($9). The pork and shitake gyoza dumplings ($10) are totally worth your while and the thai fried rice ($16) in a stone pot and duck breast "burnt ends" ($26) are also must try dishes.

I can’t remember dessert because I got an alert on my phone that said RAMON Castro (yes, Fidel’s older brother) had died in Cuba. I didn’t have my glasses on and thought the alert said RAUL, as in the Cuban leader, and ran out of the restaurant to head back to Channel 7. Everything from that point on was a blur as I raced out and left my boyfriend behind to handle the check and my apologies. "Cue" the eye doctor it might be time for Lasik surgery.

Belkys’ Best Bite: Pork and Shitake Gyoza

251 NW 25th St.
Miami, FL 33127
(786) 577-0150

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