Speaking of the military, Kristin Scott Thomas is in the army now, and she’s reporting for choir duty. In “Military Wives,” which is available on Hulu and on demand, the actress tells Deco she made beautiful music with the cast of the movie.

Kristin Scott Thomas (as Kate): “I’m Kate Barkley, Col. Barkley’s wife. Let’s come up with some exciting activities to do while our service people are away.”

Emma Lowndes (as Annie): “What about singing?”

“Military Wives” tells the true story of a group of spouses who start a singing club, but it turns into so much more.

Kristin Scott Thomas (as Kate): “One, two, three…”

Group (singing): “Ahhhh.”

Sharon Horgan (as Lisa): “That was like the incantation of a bunch of witches.”

Kristin Scott Thomas (as Kate): “Bit dramatic.”

Kristin Scott Thomas plays an army wife but acts like a five-star general.

Kristin Scott Thomas: “Kate is the colonel’s wife. She has a lot of things going on in her life, and to fill the gaps so she doesn’t think about them, she kind of barges into the wives’ recreation and starts to boss them around.”

Things take a turn when the group makes an amazing discovery. They actually have talent!

Gaby French (singing as Jess): “And I need you.”

Character in “Military Wives”: “Bravo!”

Kristin Scott Thomas: “I loved the story of a ramshackle group of people who end up making a beautiful sound. I loved that progression.”

Colin Mace (as Brigadier Groves): “Top brass heard you rehearsing, and you’ve been invited to perform at the Festival of Remembrance.”

Gaby French (as Jess): “What? The big one on TV?”

Laura Elphinstone (as Helen): “This is going to be a disaster.”

The girls get a chance to perform in London.

It’s a chance to shine and remember those who have fallen.

Character in “Military Wives”: “There are gonna be so many people like us with loved ones at risk.”

Kristin Scott Thomas: “I spoke to a lady who lost her son in Afghanistan, and these are people that I know very well, so I was able to tap into them on a private level, so that was really helpful.”

“Military Wives” gets a medal for a heartwarming story, great music and a stellar cast.

Character in “Military Wives”: “Come and see.”

Laura Elphinstone (as Helen): “No, thank you, it’s like childbirth — best to be completely oblivious until it’s happening.”

“Military Wives” is streaming now.

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