Kristen Stewart battles a sea monster in sci-fi thriller ‘Underwater’

Kristen Stewart is under a lot of pressure in her new movie because she’s seven miles deep on the ocean floor, and like any good thriller, nothing goes as planned. Deco’s diving and aquatics expert, Alex Miranda, is here with a look.

Lynn and Shireen, I once went Jet Skiing in Islamorada, and I jumped into the water, and there was seaweed up to my knees.

It completely scarred me for life, and I wasn’t even facing a gigantic sea monster, but Kristen Stewart apparently thinks it’s a good idea to make a living on the ocean floor in her new movie “Underwater.”

We’ll see how that turns out.

When you shoot a movie about being underwater, surprise! You’re going to get wet.

Kristen Stewart: “The whole time I’m just like, ‘I’m really pruney. This sucks.’ *laughs*”

In the new sci-fi horror movie “Underwater,” Kristen Stewart plays a researcher at a lab more than 30,000 feet deep.

Now, you’d think that would be scary enough, but then, an earthquake hits, and well, that’s just the beginning.

Vincent Cassel (as Captain): “From a scale of 1 to 10, how bad is my rig?”

Kristen Stewart (as Norah): “A 10.”

But it’s all just fake. It’s not like these actors really had to endure any of that right? Wrong.

Kristen Stewart: “This was the worst! I have never been more uncomfortable on a movie. It was, like, no acting took place whatsoever.”

Alex Miranda: “Right, it was just all pain! *laughs*”

Kristen Stewart: “Yes! Truly, yes, and that’s actually good for our movie. It was a terrible experience!”

But, could it have really been that bad?

Well, listen to what Jessica Henwick told me about — not even a stunt — just wearing the bodysuit.

Jessica Henwick: “It weighed more than half of my weight, and it compressed my spine. I had to sleep in a neck brace because I couldn’t feel my shoulder anymore.”

Alex Miranda: “Are you kidding me?”

Jessica Henwick: “No, I’m not kidding!”

The struggle was real, and since these characters are literally inches away from death throughout the entire movie, a bit of a morbid question came to mind.

Alex Miranda: “In the final moment of your life, what memory do you think it would be that would come up?”

Kristen Stewart: “That was a draw for the movie. It was very, sort of, roughly drawn initially, and I thought like that mysterious dark as a backdrop offered that very question. I know what you’re saying. I’m with you.”

Alex Miranda: “It’s going to be some cheeseburger, right?”

Kristen Stewart: “Seriously, right? Like, ‘That spaghetti was so good.’ *laughs*”

It probably would be a cheeseburger.

This movie is a lot of fun to watch — at the expense of the actors, of course, but nevermind that.

“Underwater” hits theaters this weekend.

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