BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. (WSVN) — A Boynton Beach teacher became starstruck after his project to revamp his classroom library was featured by a film and TV star on her Instagram page.

It’s a moment that fifth grade teacher Kenny Duane never saw coming.

“I cannot believe I am actually being broadcast on her Instagram page,” he said.

“Her” in this case is “Veronica Mars” and “Frozen” star Kristen Bell.

“Back-to-school time, and I am so grateful to each and every educator who teaches my kid complex math and also encourages them not to pick their nose in public situations,” Bell said in an Instagram Reel.

Bell shone a spotlight on Duane’s fundraiser to buy comfortable seating for his classroom library on her Instagram page, which has more than 15 million followers.

“I was quite shocked, to be honest with you,” said Duane.

“Mr. Duane’s classroom library seating project. He’s a fifth grade teacher in Florida who wants to change out the old library furniture at school so that the children can have a comfortable space to read, learn and grow,” Bell said in an Instagram Reel.

“To be able to get that kind of exposure from someone as famous as Kristen Bell really has the potential to do amazing things for education across the country,” said Duane.

Bell partnered with GoFundMe and its education fund to support teachers like Duane who are striving to make classrooms a success.

“We absolutely did see the impact, but I think we’re in recovery phase now,” said school principal Dr. Natalie Cromwell. “It seems like students are really learning and thriving and able to reach their potential. We had to do a little bit of catch-up, but we are on a great trajectory.”

Duane’s passion for books is as strong as his love for the New York Yankees.

“Let’s face it, kids do have challenges today, and to be able to just lose themselves in a good book always makes a difference,” he said.

Duane hopes to raise enough money to have a comfortable reading chair for each of his 20 students.

“I want to thank Kristen for the exposure and the passion for kids, and without her assistance, I don’t think we could have the impact we’re going to have through the opportunity,” he said.

As of Saturday night, Duane’s GoFundMe has raised $700, more than half its goal.

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