They cooked, they competed, and they rolled the dice to win it all in Las Vegas. The season finale of “Hell’s Kitchen” was hot, hot, hot! Deco’s catching up with the big winner, and she’s telling us her recipe for success.

Gordon Ramsay: “The chef whose door opens will become the winner of ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ and become the head chef of Hell’s Kitchen Lake Tahoe.”

And the winner is Kori Sutton. She’s the champ of “Hell’s Kitchen” Season 19.

Kori Sutton: “The first thing I see walking out that door is my son and my father, and I lose all control. I’m still getting teary-eyed thinking about it, you know?”

She says she can’t wait to be a part of Gordon Ramsay’s team.

Kori Sutton: “I’m super excited to be part of Chef Ramsay’s team, and to see what this team and I and our new adventure together are going to actually make.”

Gordon Ramsay: “Nicely cooked,”

Kori Sutton: “Thank you, Chef.”

This big win isn’t the only thing Kori’s been cooking up lately.

Kori Sutton: “I’m hopefully working on this cookbook. Hopefully it’ll come out next year. I’m working on my salsa company, and then just kind of flourish from there and just keep on making yummy food for everybody.”

Kori also says her time on “Hell’s Kitchen” has prepared her for everything.

Kori Sutton: “‘Hell’s Kitchen’ is boot camp training. It takes you back to the basics, but it also makes you want to be better at it.”

As for the biggest lesson she learned while doing the show…

Kori Sutton: “Always believe in yourself, no matter what. Always ask questions. Don’t be afraid to raise your hand and say ‘I don’t know how,’ and just keep focus on, you know, you can do it no matter what.”

Gordon Ramsay: “Great job.”

Kori Sutton: “Thank you, Chef.”

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