Knock down some pins at Kings Bowl Miami-Doral

A private bowling alley is just what Shireen needs. Mainly — so no one can see how badly she bowls. Lynn would love it too — but only because she prefers to bowl naked. And that’s a real problem on “league night.” But now we have a bowling palace that gives Shireen and Lynn everything they need.

Good news! At Kings Bowl Miami-Doral — you’ve got time to spare.

Gideon Horowitz, manager: “Kings Miami is an entertainment complex. It is 20,000 square foot of premiere social gaming– bringing people together. We don’t have high tech games.”

It’s a restaurant, a bar, a game room and a bowling alley all in one.

Gideon Horowitz: “Most bowling alleys have 50 to 60 lanes. A lot of those are league type bowling alleys. We do have leagues, but ours are party leagues.”

You still have to wear bowling shoes — but here, you wear ’em in style.

Gideon Horowitz: “You will have people dressed in suits and people dressed in dresses. It really is an upscale experience that you wouldn’t expect from a normal bowling alley.”

Kings Bowl Miami-Doral offers 10 lanes — conveniently close to their concourse bar.

Gideon Horowitz: “We do have service right on the lanes.”

Or if you like your bowling more exclusive — rent out the King Pin suite.

Gideon Horowitz: “The private bowling experience is the King Pin suite. That is a suite where we have curtain it separates everyone from the rest of the entire venue.”

It costs between $600 and $900 to rent out the King Pin’s four private lanes.

Add on food and drinks and it’s a party for up to 32 people.

Gideon Horowitz: “If you want to dine like a king, play like a king, have fun like a king — that is the room to do it in.”

From karaoke in the Flamingo Room — the games, to the live DJ, to the Rum Room… there’s fun for kids of all ages but after 8 p.m., it’s strictly 21 and over.

Gideon Horowitz: “We have rums that no one else has. We have a private selection cast that has been shipped out to 600 places.”

And don’t forget the food.

Gideon Horowitz: “What we offer first is the dining experience, but people stay for the gaming as well.”

From handmade pizzas, to fish tacos, to grilled steak — this is not your typical bowling alley food.

Gideon Horowitz: “The only thing that is frozen here is our ice cream. Everything else is handmade.”

Andrea Rodriguez, guest: “It’s almost like coming into a restaurant and getting cocktails, but you also just happen to have the convenience of being able to bowl at the same time.”

At Kings Bowl Miami — you can eat, drink, and knock down some pins.


Kings Bowl Miami-Doral
3450 NW 83rd Ave Suite 152
Doral, FL 33122

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