Knaus Berry Farm’s cinnamon rolls bring crowds

There’s no roll sweeter than the South Florida favorites people wait hours to bite into.

Fall in line because fall is when people start lining up for goodies at Knaus Berry Farm in Homestead.

Thomas Blocher, co-owner and bakery manager: “Knaus Berry Farm is a strawberry farm with a bakery, and we also have ice cream.”

There are two seasons in the 305 — when Knaus Berry Farm is closed and when they’re open.

Thomas Blocher: “We try to be open Nov. 1, and we close the third Saturday in April. The reason we do that is that is the growing season. Before we were a bakery, we were just a strawberry farm, and they only grow in the winter months.”

Knaus Berry started over 60 years ago as a produce farm, but they quickly became known for their baked goods.

Thomas Blocher: “Different kinds of breads, different kinds of rolls, different kinds of cakes, cookies, standard bakery fair.”

But what has folks lining up are the cinnamon rolls.

Thomas Blocher: “We try to put a quality product out and be consistent with that product. There is a lot of history and a lot of memories, and there’s a lot of word of mouth.”

The cinnamon rolls are made by hand and served up hot and fresh from the oven.

Denise Halpin, customer: “They are ooey gooey, they’re delicious, they’re hot. I don’t know if you can see them, but they are nice and hot and steaming.”

People have been known to wait hours for a cinnamon roll … or a couple dozen cinnamon rolls.

Thomas Blocher: “We’re just baking as fast as we can. Last year we had a line that was probably six hours. It was one of the first Saturdays of the season.”

Denise Halpin: “Today was only 45 minutes. I came Halloween Day, and it was a three-hour line, so I came back.”

Baked goods aren’t the only treats. From strawberry to mango flavored — the milkshakes are a sweet way to enjoy the farm’s produce.

Thomas Blocher: “The strawberries are our strawberries. We don’t use any other strawberries.”

Maybe the most important ingredient at Knaus Berry is love.

And that’s home grown, too.

Thomas Blocher: “I enjoy the people with smiles on their faces. I like to see them happy. I like to see them walk away with an experience they will share with someone else.”

At Knaus Berry Farm, once the farming season starts next month — you can pick your own produce.


Knaus Berry Farm
15980 SW 248th St.
Homestead, FL 33031
(305) 247-0668

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