You wanted the best, you got the best! That’s what KISS has been guaranteeing fans for almost 50 years.

The best lock on the lips around. (Just kidding.)

The legendary rock band gets the full-on documentary treatment on the Biography Channel next week with “KISS-tory.”

If you’ve ever wanted to rock and roll all night and party every day, “KISStory” is for you.

The Demon, a.k.a. founding member Gene Simmons, told Deco the epic rockumentary isn’t just some glossy love letter to the group.

Gene Simmons: “Showing the story, warts and all, about four guys who ascended the stairs to Mount Olympus and actually reached the top of the American Dream.”

Paul “Star Child” Stanley joins his partner in telling the story of KISS.

Paul “Star Child” Stanley: “This guitar has shook the world since the mid-70s.”

Going back over a half-century of ups and downs was no walk in the park.

Gene Simmons: “For us, it’s, you know, emotional because we actually lived it.”

“KISStory” spends a lot of time diving into the substance abuse issues of drummer Peter Criss and guitarist Ace Frehley. It’s an issue Gene wishes he and Paul would have handled differently.

Gene Simmons: “And that’s one of the things I regret, that early on, some of the group members indulged in the cliche of cliches and we didn’t have enough tough love to sit them down and say, ‘OK, you gotta shape up or ship out.'”

One of the strengths of “KISStory” is that there’s no BS involved.

Gene Simmons: “Because it’s easy to sugar-coat everything. ‘Everything was great. Everybody got along great.’ It’s not true.”

The hardest part of putting the doc together was deciding what to leave out.

Gene Simmons: “Originally, there were over 10 hours. We had to cut it down to something that was manageable. Eventually, it was cut down to four hours, two nights.”

The band has always been devoted to their fans, the KISS Army. The documentary doesn’t change that one bit.

Gene Simmons: “You owe a debt of gratitude to the fans who put you there in the first place.”

KISS is about to hit the road to finish up their final tour. If you can’t make it to the show, “KISStory” is the next best thing.

Gene Simmons: “We’re going back on tour for another 150 cities around the world, and this documentary “KISStory” is a celebration of that.”

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