Kevin James has the need … the need for speed! He’s starring in a new sitcom called “The Crew.” It’s set in the world of NASCAR. Deco went for a joyride with the comedian.

Buckle up!

Bruce McGill (as Bobby Spencer): “Meet your new boss!”

Kevin James (as Kevin Gibson): “You’ve gotta be kidding me! I’ve got underwear older than her!”

A middle-of-the-road NASCAR team has to suddenly shift gears when the owner’s daughter unexpectedly takes over the whole operation.

Kevin James (as Kevin Gibson): “Think of this as war! Our best odds are to stick together!”

Kevin James stars as the crew chief in the new Netflix sitcom, “The Crew.”

Kev tells Deco you do not have to be a racing fan to watch the show.

Kevin James: “It’s a workplace comedy when it comes down to it. It’s driven by storylines and characters, and you’re gonna hopefully fall in love with them and really wanna see what happens.”

You’ve got plenty of office shenanigans and good old employee rivalries.

Gary Anthony Williams (as Chuck): “Jake just hits the gas and tries to finish first.”

Paris Berelc (as Jessie De La Cruz): “I’m guessing that’s also how he is with his ladies.”

Kevin James: “That’s the backdrop. NASCAR, and it’s that world, but as you dive into it, you realize it’s the same relationships everywhere.”

Kevin never happened to be much of a NASCAR fan himself. But then…

Kevin James: “I did a couple of those ‘Gentlemen, start your engines!’ with Sandler.”


Kevin James: “Going to an event, which is completely different from seeing it on TV and what you think NASCAR is about, it’s a whole different world, and it blew my mind.”

While his character isn’t taking us for a spin in the show, we wondered if we could trust Kevin behind the wheel in real life.

Kevin James: “I’m aggressive. I’m a very aggressive driver, growing up in New York, but I think I’m good! Yeah! I think I’m pretty good, yeah.”

Huh, it almost sounds like he’s trying to convince himself.

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