Kevin Hart talks ‘Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie’

(WSVN) - I see London, I see France. I see Captain Underpants! Cuz the star of the new movie is in SoFlo. And Deco Chief Undergarment Correspondent Chris Van Vliet talked tightie whities with Kevin Hart.

The name Captain Underpants may not sound like a superhero — and that’s because he’s not really a superhero. He just thinks he is. When I sat down with Kevin Hart on Miami Beach earlier today, we talked all things underpants.

Kevin Hart (as George Beard): “Hi, my name’s George Beard and this is my best friend Harold Hutchins.

Thomas Middleditch (as Harold Hutchins): “We just make comics and try to make each other laugh.”

If you have kids, you know exactly who Captain Underpants is — he’s the superhero from the best-selling novels bearing his name.

Kevin Hart and Thomas Middleditch (as George Beard and Harold Hutchins): “You are now the amazing Captain Underpants.”

Ed Helms (as Captain Underpants): “Tra la la!”

Those books are coming to life with the voices of Ed Helms and Kevin Hart — and speaking of superheroes, when I met up with Kevin on Miami Beach, he’s starting to look like one.

Chris Van Vliet: “It’s like the gun show here. Do I need tickets?”

Kevin Hart: “I’m trying! Get your tickets! This is how you promote animation. This is how, right here. Put on a muscle shirt and talk about a kid’s movie.”

Thomas Middleditch (as Harold Hutchins): “Captain Underpants you can’t actually fly.

Ed Helms (as Captain Underpants): “I take to the sky like an ostrich.”

Kevin Hart (as George Beard): “Wow, he is super dumb.”

So, Captain Underpants isn’t really a superhero… but don’t tell him that. He’s actually a mean-spirited school principal, but when George and Harold hypnotize him, he becomes the character from their comic books.

Kevin Hart (as George Beard): “When I snap my fingers, you will obey our every command.”

Chris Van Vliet: “The whole idea of Captain Underpants comes from the mind of some fourth graders. So if we go back in time here to the fourth grade Kevin Hart, what’s in his mind?”

Kevin Hart: “Fourth grade me? I was a prankster, man.”

Ed Helms (as Mr. Krupp): “Ever since you’ve attended this school you’ve been responsible for one prank after another.”

Captain Underpants and the guys set out to stop a mad scientist named Professor Poopypants and the Turbo Toilet 2000, who are threatening to take over the world!

Ed Helms (as Captain Underpants): “Guys, I’ve totally got this.”

Nick Kroll (as Professor Poopypants): “Yeah, totally he’s got this.”

Chris Van Vliet: “The great thing about an animated film is you can pretty much wear anything you want in the studio.”

Kevin Hart: “I could have been in there with just the drawers on and been OK. I could have done that. It was literally me in the booth and the microphone going crazy for four hours. You just see a bunch of this.” (waves arms)

Chris: Van Vliet: “Oh this is what it looks like when you’re in there?”

Kevin Hart: “What? No! What? I can’t! Harold!”

Thomas Middleditch (as Harold Hutchins): “When it’s cut all together like that you really get a sense of the scope.”

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