Kevin Hart returns to standup roots in ‘What Now?’

Surprise! Kevin Hart has a new movie out. His third concert film, “What Now?” opens this weekend, and it’s a pretty big deal.

Kevin Hart gets back to his stand-up comedian roots in “What Now?” Kevin told Deco the title has been bouncing around in his brain for a few years.

Kevin Hart: “After I did my last special, ‘Let Me Explain,’ the question kept coming up: ‘Kevin, what now? What now? What now? What now? What now?'”

The answer was easy: go big and go home.


Kevin Hart: “And the thought came up of doing a football stadium. The reason why is because no comedian has ever done it. ‘Let’s go to Philadelphia. Let’s make history and bring that attention to our hometown.’ So we sold out a football stadium, 50,000 people, sold out in like two weeks.”

It could be hard for a comedian to connect with such a huge audience. No problem for Kevin.

Kevin Hart: “Well, what I wanted to do was take that enormous crowd and somehow make it intimate, you know. That’s what I pride myself on. I’m engaging with my audience.”

Kevin Hart (to audience): “This is what it looks like, people. This is how small I am on the actual toilet.”

“What Now?” is Hart’s latest gift to the people who have supported him through the years.

Kevin Hart: “My fan base has grown with me, and now we all sit in a position where I go, ‘Look, I wouldn’t be who I am without you. And now that I am who I am, it’s my job to do a service of making you guys smile.'”

Kevin asked us to pass along this special request.

Kevin Hart: “Tell all your people over there at Deco Drive to go see it this weekend. It’s worth it.”

“Kevin Hart: What Now?” opens in theaters on Friday, Oct. 14.

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