Kevin Bacon talks about vacation rental thriller ‘You Should Have Left,’ prolific career

(WSVN) - Getting to an Airbnb and it not looking like the pictures is already scary enough, but what Kevin Bacon and Amanda Seyfried experience at their vacation rental in the new thriller “You Should Have Left” is far worse than some dirty sheets.

If you’ve ever felt uncomfortable in a house, you might be on to something.

In the new thriller “You Should Have Left,” Kevin Bacon’s character, Theo, is married to Susanna, played by Amanda Seyfried.

Avery Essex (as Ella): “Daddy, because you’re older, you’ll die before Mommy, right?”

Kevin Bacon (as Theo): “Hey, I’m not that old.”

Kevin Bacon: “He’s married to a woman who is way too young for him. She’s an actor, and he has a lot of insecurity and doubt about her fidelity.”

But he’s also haunted by their vacation rental in Wales, where … let’s just say you might want to book elsewhere.

Kevin Bacon: “The house really becomes a character and starts making people confront this darkness in their past, and it’s scary.”

Kevin has quite the scary past. Kicking off in 1980, at 22 years old, when he signed on to star in his first horror movie.

Alex Miranda: “You have a great horror history, and I know you’re a big fan of horror movies. What would you tell the Kevin Bacon from ‘Friday the 13th’?”

Kevin Bacon: “I thought I knew everything there was to know about acting. I thought I knew everything there was to know about life and politics and people and other shared experiences, and I think the older I’ve gotten, I realized I’ve got a lot more to learn.”

Although we were already satisfied by the time he bared it all in the sexy Miami crime drama “Wild Things.”

Kevin Bacon: “First off, Miami seemed to be the only place we could have shot that movie. It had such a great kind of Miami vibe that we really tried to embrace.”

Helping it to become a cult classic of sorts.

Kevin Bacon: “It was a trashy movie that was aware that it was sort of being trashy, in a way. I was proud to be a part of it.”

“You Should Have Left” is now available to watch On Demand.

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