We have a major “Game of Thrones” spoiler: We know who’s claiming the Iron Throne! It’s not Jon Snow or Daenerys or even Bran Stark. It’s going to be a wife from Kentucky.

Character in “Game of Thrones”: “I promise to fight for the living.”

He fights for the throne, but someone isn’t up for the fight, so he just built his own.

What started out as an aluminum shell now looks like a replica of the Iron Throne from “Game of Thrones.”

Anthony Williams is an instructor at a welding school in Kentucky, and says it took more than two months to create, and that’s without menacing dragons circling overhead.

They had a deadline. Student Michael Hayes wanted it in time for his wedding.

Michael Hayes: “The ‘Game of Thrones’ show was one of the first things that my wife and I really bonded on, so it’s a really important thing to us. I was in the welding school at the time. I know at the school we can make that happen.”

Anthony Williams: “He said, ‘Hey, do you guys think we’d be able to build a throne for my wedding?’ I just got online and just started drawing it up. Drew it up. We decided we were gonna build out of aluminum to keep it light because if it was steel, it would pretty much stay wherever it sat.”

The finished 200-pound throne has between 300 to 400 swords welded on it, and it’s exactly what Hayes envisioned.

It also made for some pretty fantastic wedding photos.

Michael Hayes: “Everyone’s really blown away at how intricate and large it is, not because it’s massive, but we did a lot of detail work, too. Besides the awesome fact that my wife pretty much does look like Daenerys, especially when she’s all get up, it made it all the more awesome when I could see her in that outfit sitting in the throne and doing the thing. It has just been awesome.”

Williams says it’s probably more authentic than the show’s throne, which is made out of fiberglass.

Anthony Williams: “It’s self-gratifying, yeah. It’s selfishly thrilling to produce something like that.”

Character in “Game of Thrones”: “Everything you did brought you to where you are now.”

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