Kendall restaurant puts a ‘crazy’ twist on a Latin classic

Deco’s Chris Van Vliet loves to eat. In fact, he loves to eat so much that he tries to do it six or seven times a day. He’s always looking for new ways to change up a classic meal, so he was pretty excited to find a spot that’s super-sizing a snack and making it the base of your meal.

It is time to go crazy in Kendall. The Crazy Toston has put a twist on a classic Latin treat.

Jessica Moreno, owner of The Crazy Toston: “The Crazy Toston is a fast-food joint in Kendall that serves everything on top of a tostón.”

Tostones are green plantains that are fried, smashed and then fried again until they’re crispy disks.

Jessica Moreno: “In the Latin culture, a tostón is usually a side dish, but in our restaurant the tostón is the main dish.”

And here, size matters.

Jessica Moreno: “Usually a tostón is the size of the palm of your hand, but at our restaurant it’s the size of a plate.”

Because they are so big, the folks at The Crazy Toston are calling them megatóns.

Jessica Moreno: “We use a tortilla press to make them extra large.”

Once the megatóns are made, you pick one of the six protein and sauce recipes to put on top.

From fish, to veggies, to chicken salad, everyone leaves here full.

Alejandro Hurtado, staff member at The Crazy Toston: “It’s definitely a good portion. It’s good quality food. I would say it’s pretty healthy. And good taste in your mouth.”

They also went crazy with other traditional foods. Have you ever heard of a tortilla made with plantains?

That’s what you get with a “tacotón.”

Jessica Moreno: “Instead of, you know, the typical corn or tortilla, we created a plantain tortilla that we use as a base for our tacotón.”

Fill it with pork, brisket or even shrimp.

Jessica Moreno: “One of our most popular toppings would be the shrimp. It’s composed of chipotle bean cream sauce, avocado, baby arugula and roasted poblano aioli.”

And go bananas for a banana boat.

Jessica Moreno: “A banana boat is a ripe plantain that we deep fry. We put it over a bed of cilantro rice, and then we top it with our customer’s choice of protein.”

Apparently The Crazy Toston has crazy in its name, because it’s crazy good.

The Crazy Toston
12039 SW 117th Ave
Miami, FL 33186
(786) 701-2193

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