In nature, lady bugs are known for their red shells and showing up at uninvited at picnics. On reality TV, they’re known for their distinct voice and ability to disguise their true identity. Last night, a beautiful bug was unmasked!

It’s the chant America’s grown to love, and Lady Bug did just that Wednesday night on “The Masked Singer.”

Kelly Osbourne, the daughter of famed rocker Ozzy Osbourne, was unmasked.

Nick Cannon: “I didn’t know you were a singer and an amazing singer at that.”

Didn’t hear her sing?

Kelly Osbourne (as the Lady Bug): “Young blood, do you want me? Do you want me I realize? I’m just a dead man walking tonight.”

The rest of the gang giving great performances, too.

The Fox (singing): “Everything little step I take…”

The fox was totally foxy and then some.

He even did his signature dance break.

Robin Thicke: “From the way he performs and his physical presence, i still think it’s AJ McLean.”

Did I mention Triumph the Insult Dog was a guest judge?

Triumph the Insult Dog: “Maybe they could fit two people in a costume? Is it the Olsen twins?”

That’s no flower! Sounds more like a diva.

Robin Thicke: “When you get up into that range, there’s only a handful of singers in the world that can do that, thinking it might be Patti LaBelle.”

Tree bringing the energy singing Meghan Trainor’s “No Excuses.”

Tree (singing): “No excuses, baby, yeah yeah yeah.”

Ken Jeong: “Lauren Graham was on ‘Guys and Dolls’ on Broadway and guess what, little known fact she was in my favorite Christmas movie of all time “Bad Santa.”

The Rottweiler giving the best performance of the night.

Rottweiler (singing): “I’m on my way, driving ’bout 90 down those country lanes singing to tiny dancer.”

Another unmasking goes down next Wednesday at 8 p.m., right here on 7.

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