It’s been a decade since Katharine McPhee nearly won “American Idol.” Since then it’s been TV success, singing, and — our favorite — scandal! Deco’s Chris Van Vliet is checking out her Ocean Drive cover shoot, where she tells all.

No topic is off limits for Katharine McPhee in her cover story for Ocean Drive, not even her highly publicized divorce. She brings us along as we go behind the scenes of her cover shoot.

Katharine McPhee: “Hi. I’m Katharine McPhee, and welcome to my cover shoot for Ocean Drive Magazine.”

Katharine McPhee looks stunning on the cover the September issue of Ocean Drive.

Katharine McPhee: “It was a great shoot. We had a really nice, kind of easy day with a great group of people, and we’re in this beautiful setting. It was pretty easy, and that’s how you like them to be: painless, fun and easy.”

In the magazine, Katharine opens up about getting married young and then divorced, saying she has no regrets about the choices she’s made in the past. She also talks about pursuing her Hollywood dreams after being the runner-up on Season 5 of “American Idol” to winner Taylor Hicks.

Katharine McPhee: “So the look I think I loved the most was the Chanel dress. It had some beading on it, and also some hardware and a couple of cool secret zippers.”

While secret zippers are pretty cool, photographer Randall Slavin has his own favorite look.

Randall Slavin: “There was a red dress that she wore next to a pool. It fit her body just beautifully. She looked amazing, and the color was ridiculous. It just looked very sexy and classic.”

Katharine tells Ocean Drive her dream growing up was to get a recording contract, but these days, she spends more time acting. She stars in the TV drama “Scorpion” and is getting ready to kick off Season 3 on Oct. 3rd.

Katharine McPhee: “So far it’s my favorite season, actually, that we’ve done. The little hints that I can give the audience is Paige gets to, I guess you can say, go undercover or be a different version of herself, and I always love when we get to do that in past episodes because, not only as an actor does it give you something different to play with, but it’s also just fun, and I think you’re going to see a little bit of a sexier version of Paige, which I think is kind of fun and exciting.”

Katharine McPhee: “That’s a wrap on my Ocean Drive Magazine cover shoot. Thanks for having me on the cover, and thanks for watching behind the scenes.”

The September issue of Ocean Drive is available now, and fun factoid for you: Katharine McPhee’s season of “American Idol,” Season 5, was the same one that Chris Daughtry was on.

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