Nothing says love like old dinosaur fossils. Am I right?

Listen, sometimes you just gotta dig deep to find those warm, fuzzy feelings.

Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan play lovers in “Ammonite.”

And they’re telling us all about the special skills they each learned for their movie.

Kate Winslet (as Mary Anning): “It was a sea lizard. Six feet long. Days it took to dig it out. Clean it. I was only 11 years old.”

The life of a pioneering paleontologist is the backdrop of a love story in “Ammonite.”

Kate Winslet: “I did have to learn how to sort of walk in her shoes in as many ways as I possibly could, and I learned how to fossil hunt. I worked alongside a paleontologist who is from Lyme Regis, which is the Jurassic Coast. That is where Mary Anning lived and worked, and I worked on the beaches that Mary would have worked on, and we filmed on some of those beaches as well.”

Saorise Ronan (as Charlotte Murchison): “What is it?”

Kate Winslet (as Mary Anning): “Something. Nothing.”

Saoirse Ronan: “I learned things like cross-stitch, and I did a bit of piano and things like that, but I think that the limited amount that I had to learn made me even more frustrated for the character, and I knew that women during that time would be sort of, were forced to slot into this role of wife and woman of the era, and yeah, that was all just very new for me.”

Kate Winslet (as Mary Anning): “Don’t want to go back to the life I had before you.”

Saorise Ronan (as Charlotte Murchison): “What about my life?”

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