Kate Beckinsale sinks her fangs into ‘Underworld: Blood Wars’

Vampires and werewolves — they just don’t know how to play nice. The battle between the undead and the lycans is still going strong in “Underworld: Blood Wars.” Deco talked with franchise star Kate Beckinsale, Tuesday, about the newest installment in the series, and what it took to squeeze back into her famous leather catsuit.

Kate Beckinsale (as Selene): “I need you to deliver a message. Tell your Marius I’m coming for him. Do you understand your message?”

Things are not going well for Kate Beckinsale in “Underworld: Blood Wars.”

Kate Beckinsale: “My character Selene is in a fairly desperate state in terms of, she used to be allied with the vampires and at war with the lycans, but now she’s sort of hunted down by both.”

Kate’s back for her fifth shot as the sexy vampire who takes out evil werewolves. And for her, finding new aspects of the character is easy.

Kate Beckinsale: “I suppose the advantage of someone who’s thousands of years old is that you can kind of pop around in their life story, and there’s quite a lot of material in someone who doesn’t have a human life span.”

As tied as she is to Selene, Beckinsale has never worried about being typecast. She’s as comfortable in a comedy set in Victorian England…

Kate Bekinsale (as Lady Susan Vernon): “With pleasure.”

…as she is wiping out werewolves.

Being clear-eyed about her goals has given Kate the freedom to enjoy her time in “Underworld.”

Kate Beckinsale: “Your career is in sort of two, three or four, five-year chunks, and I think my whole thing in the beginning was to try and pop around into as many differeent types of genres as I possibly could.”

Fans of the series will no doubt be pleased that Selene has lost none of her ability to kick major butt. What might surprise the faithful are the moments when her emotional side is revealed. That didn’t happen by accident.

Kate Beckinsale: “Selene’s always had terribly emotional things happening to her. I think we felt it was important in this movie to kind of break her open a little bit.”

Starring in “Underworld: Blood Wars” meant Kate had to once again squeeze into her skin-tight black leather catsuit. Here, now, is the secret of how she does it.

Kate Beckinsale: “Not having a big lunch. Yeah. (laughs) I guess.”

“Underworld: Blood Wars” opens in theaters Jan. 6.

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