Kat Cunning talks triple-threat performing career, starring role in South Beach production of ‘Tryst’

There’s a very cool Kat on the prowl in South Beach these days. Kat Cunning does it all — sing, dance and act. Deco sat down with this triple-threat performer for a career-spanning chat.

Kat Cunning’s mad skills are on full display in the Netflix drama, “Trinkets”.

Kat Cunning: “’Trinkets’ is a young adult show about a bunch of teens who come together because they all are addicted to shoplifting.”

And Kat’s knack for stealing scenes is impressive.

Kat Cunning: “And I was really lucky to play a queer heartthrob who the lead was attracted to, and I got to sing my own music in the show.”

Ever had a dream come true?

Kat has an awesome gig in Jennifer Lopez’s upcoming rom-com, “Marry Me”.

Kat Cunning: “Just getting to work with her, she’s one of my hugest icons because she started as a dancer and leveraged that into music and leveraged that into acting and those are all the things that I do.”

These days, Cunning is making folks swoon in the latest production at Miami Beach’s Faena Hotel.

Kat Cunning: “I’m the host and a singer in the show called “Tryst: A Lover’s Rendezvous.”

The sexy show gives the singular star a rare opportunity.

Kat Cunning: “I also get to sing my own music in the Faena show, which is really, really cool because a lot of artists don’t get to tour their music right now.”

One of those songs is Kat’s latest single, “Confident”, which this performer most definitely is.

Kat Cunning: “It’s sassier and stronger and a little more sexually empowered, and it gave me an opportunity to dance in a video, which is something I haven’t done yet in my work.”

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