If you’re a true lover of food, you’ll pay a little extra to have your taste buds transported to paradise. A new restaurant in the 305 is taking foodies on a luxurious ride with an experience bathed in silver and gold.

When you sit down at your table in Kaori, you’ll be fully engaged in a journey of the senses.

Lisandra Carballosa, Kaori by Walter Martino: "What you smell, what you taste, what you see, what you feel when you experience Kaori."

This Brickell eatery is the brainchild of celebrity chef Walter Martino.

Lisandra Carballosa: "He wanted the culture and the cuisine and the art all in one."

Kaori is a tribute to Walter’s artistic vision, from the constantly shifting images on the walls to the unique ways his food is served.

Lisandra Carballosa: "He has a tree, he has a pyramid, and here in Kaori, he’s using a new collection, which is a stiletto, a purse."

The taste points combine the styles of two countries not usually mentioned in the same sentence.

Lisandra Carballosa: "Italian infused with Japanese, because Japanese is the style of cuisine that he enjoys cooking and Italian because it’s his heritage."

To get the full effect of Chef Walter’s culinary mastery, the $700 tasting menu is the way to go.

Lisandra Carballosa: "With all the top spirits, champagnes and wines, with the edible gold silver and the signature dishes."

That would be the Kaori roll, made without rice or seaweed, the fish and vegetable tempura, various fresh pastas and the risotto-based salmon, shrimp and Black Sea bass sushiotto, crowned with royal caviar.

All dishes are topped with edible gold and silver crumbs and are beyond fresh.

Lisandra Carballosa: "He brings the top ingredients fresh, very, very fresh ingredients."

South Florida was the only place Chef Walter considered for Kaori.

Lisandra Carballosa: "He believed Miami reminded him a lot of the energy of Ibiza, where his heart and soul is from, so now he’s making Miami his next home."


Kaori by Walter Martino
1250 S. Miami Ave.
Miami, FL 33131
(786) 252-4955

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