Just Goodness Frozen Treats

Ice cream is a wonderful thing. Trouble is, once you’ve indulged, you’ve got to run to the gym to work off the weight you’ve gained. Somebody should come up with an all-natural frozen dessert that’s really healthy and satisfies your craving for ice cream. Guess what? Somebody has!

So you’ve gone to your yoga class and had a great workout. Now it’s time to replenish yourself with something healthy that tastes terrific … but what?

That’s where Just Goodness comes in.

Jessica Bigio, managing partner: “It’s a healthy option to ice cream, so it’s organic fruits. It’s real food. It’s not just a smoothie or a bowl filled with sugar. It’s full of antioxidants. All the sweetness comes from the fruits.”

Personal trainer Jessica Bigio developed Just Goodness for her clients who had questions about their post-workout meals.

Jessica Bigio: “People want to know ‘What should I eat?’ You’re healthy, but you tell me, you know, ‘[I] run five miles, take a class, take this class, take a boot camp, take yoga, but what am I supposed to do afterwards? What am I gonna put in my body?'”

There’s a very good reason why Jessica made it a frozen delight.

Jessica Bigio: “There was no way to keep those all-natural ingredients from spoiling without preservatives with any other technique.”

The company produces small batches of flavors.

The PB & Jessie is named for Jessica. It’s her favorite, of course. Organic strawberries, blueberries, unsweetened almond milk, vanilla whey protein and some organic peanut butter come together in a blender. That’s where the magic happens.

Jessica Bigio: “This is the secret behind the whole ingredients itself. What makes it special and unique and different is this consistency with those ingredients, so you have that color.”

Once the individual portions are packaged, they go into the freezer and are sold the next day.

The folks at Green Monkey Yoga in Miami Beach have been devouring Just Goodness since the place started carrying it.

Customer 1: “This is a great creation that Jess and her husband created, and I just think that it’s healthy and really good.”

Customer 2: “During work, sometimes I miss meals ’cause I’m in the middle of the day, and I have one of these and the amount of protein that’s in it holds me over, and it’s delicious.”


Just Goodness

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